Qi, pronounced CHEE ( think cheetos), is the most popular standard used for all wireless chargers on mobile devices. Qi uses electromagnetic inductive charging to transfer power from a charging pad to a compatible phone, such as an iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8. The concept is simple, place the phone on the Qi pad and charging begins.

Qi chargers are universal and can be used across manufacturers, so the good news is you don’t always have to go buy the crazy expensive OEM charging pad to get your phone to wirelessly charge. That being said anytime you’re dealing with phones that flirt with (if not exceed) a thousand dollar price tag, I don’t recommend skimping on a charger wired or wireless. I always compared it to buying a brand new Ferrari and using the cheapest oil and gas possible. If you want to have your expensive phone last treat it well.

Currently the most common way to charge your phone wirelessly, like I mentioned, is with a wireless charging pad. But with most premium smartphones now coming equipped with wireless charging capabilities, we have seen the market start to shift. Auto manufacturers such as Honda are installing wireless charging areas inside their car’s glove boxes and center consoles, and Swedish retailer IKEA, among others, started selling coffee tables and other furniture with Qi chargers built in.

Imagine the day where you stop into your favorite coffee joint, and while you’re enjoying your PSL (that’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte for all you non-basics out there) your phone is charging on the table beside you; no need to search for an outlet, or make sure you brought your cable with you. A dead battery will be a thing of the past.

So when you’re looking for your new phone and you are given the choice between wireless charging or not, ( example of this is iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 8) you may want to pony up the extra money to future proof yourself.

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