Has anything else in the past 3 year caused more family feuds than the monthly data overages? Anyone on a family data plans knows the feeling- it’s nearing the end of the month, all of a sudden a texts comes through on your phone, is it a friend, work, family? Nope, it’s your wireless carrier telling you you’re out of data and you just got hit with the overage charge. Let the finger pointing begin on who’s the data hog! Well at

Swapcell we’re here to try with our top 6 ways to curb your data usage so you never get one of those texts again, and the dinner table remains a safe space for everyone.

  1. Let’s start with the obvious here, Use wifi wherever available. You could stream the entire series of Sopranos on your cellphone while on wi-fi and zero point zero of your monthly data will be used. Also check with your cable provider, some now are offering wi-fi hotspots in shopping areas, so you may be able to get free wi-fi while you’re out and about.
  2. Turn off cellular data on apps you don’t want to be using off wi-fi. Video apps are the number 1 killer of your monthly data. Apps like Snapchat, Netflix, and Hulu that stream video can drain your monthly data in only hours. So if you are worried about using these accidently off wi-fi, go to your phone’s cellular data option in settings and cut data to them. This way there is no possible way for your phone to use data on these apps.
  3. Download your music playlists so you can use them offline and not on Cellular data. Apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play music all offer offline mode for their music libraries. Essentially you can create playlists and have them download to your device so they can be played without wi-fi or data. This is a great option for those people who love listening to music all the time on the go.   
  4. Download your Google Maps offline when you are going on a trip. If you are ever planning on going on a longer drive that you require Google Maps for, download your route on wi-fi prior to leaving. You can even download an entire state’s map if you are going on a trip to an unfamiliar destination.
  5. Adjust your Facebook and Instagram news feeds so they don’t auto play videos when scrolling like zombie. We all mindlessly scroll through social media, admit it, and a newer feature these apps has videos defaulted to play automatically as you scroll through your feed. This is a serious data killer, and the best way to avoid eating up all your data on your crazy uncle’s conspiracy theory videos, is to turn on the setting to auto play videos only on wi-fi .
  6. On iPhone, disable Wi-fi Assist. This sneaky feature added to iPhones will kick on your LTE data if the wi-fi network you are on has a slow down or cuts out. So while your phone may indicate that you are on Wi-fi it is truly using your monthly data. This feature can be shut off on your iOS device’s cellular menu.


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