The Holidays are upon us, and Swapcell is here to help you navigate through this shopping season with some of the best tech stocking stuffers that all phone users will love!

  1. Phone port to USB Thumb drives -We carry everything on our phones now a days, and getting items off your phone isn’t always the easiest thing. These USB thumb drives can be used like a traditional storage device, but with one added benefit, they plug directly into your phone! These thumb drives are available for all charging ports and make transferring photo, music, and other data a breeze.
  2.  Tile – These little square are a must for that person who always is misplacing things. Attach these squares, that are little bit bigger than the size of your average postage stamp, to items such as your keys and backpack, or throw one in your wallet. Whenever you lose the item, open the tile app on your phone and you can ring the tile square to quickly find it. If it not directly near you, you can get a “last known location”.
  3. Smart Speaker–  Smart speakers have boomed over the past year, and it’s easy to see why once you have one. Do anything from Google searches, order products from Amazon, or start playing music just by talking to it. Take a look at the Google Home or Amazon Echo, as these top are the top dogs of the category.
  4. A Chromecast- This simple to use Google product plugs in to your TV’s HDMI port and turns almost any phone or tablet into your home’s entertainment system. Stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so much more with the touch of a button right off your phone and onto your TV. You can also do screen mirroring so whatever you’re doing on your device will be displayed on your TV. This is great for showing family photo slideshows during the holidays!
  5. Wireless headphones – Leave the cords behind with wireless bluetooth headphones. There are a ton of different options out there from Samsung’s Icon Xs, Apple’s Earpods, to Google Pixel Buds, and hundreds more. With the removal of headphone jack on most new smartphones these can make some iPhone or Pixel 2 users very happy!
  6. A new phone We all know everyone wants a new phone and what better way to make someone’s Christmas morning by having that shiny new phone stuffed in their stocking. Let Swapcell help you get that by trading in your old phone for cash to help you pay for the new one!


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