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Swapcell’s Top Mobile Games of 2017

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of avoiding black squares on your Nokia’s version of Snake and working your thumb across Blackberry’s trackball to break all the bricks. Nothing since the Nintendo NES, has attracted so many people of all ages and...

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How Venmo Can Save Your Friendships

We all have that one friend, let’s call him Brian (wink to Dane Cook circa 2004) who no matter what the plans are never seems to have cash on him. Whether you're paying for parking at a concert or beers at the bar, Brian conveniently seems to always escape payment....

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Backing up your iPhone

Everyone’s nightmare- not so much losing your phone (which can be replaced) but losing what's on it (which cannot be replaced). Whether it took a dip in the pool with you, walked off with that not-so-perfect stranger, or was ran over by an 18-wheeler, your iPhone...

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How to Find my Device’s IMEI?

For iPhone: Devices With Access to the Display Open Settings Tap General Tap About Scroll Down to IMEI No Power or Broken Displays - There are a couple of different locations that may have the IMEI imprinted on your device On the Backside of the Device On your SIM...

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What Condition is my Device?

If your device has one or more of the following issues, please select that category.   No Power Device does NOT power on. Noticeable Water Damaged - Liquid in Display Damaged  Cracked or severely scratched display Missing or nonoperational Buttons Microphone or...

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