I know the feeling… your iPhone is going crazy.  It’s slowing down.  No more room for it to update.  You go to the wireless store and the teenager behind the counter tells you that there isn’t anything they can do.  You need a new phone.

They aren’t wrong.  In this day and age, a 16gb phone just doesn’t cut it.  The only problem is your carrier forced you to sign a payment plan for 24 months.  Most of the time you’re almost done paying it off.  You had fantasies of your bill finally going down… to something reasonable.

SwapCell can help you with your old phone.

  1. Pay off your old phone – Your slow phone is still worth something!  I know it’s a shocker to most people.  They can’t image anyone using it anymore.  It’s seen better days, no doubt.  But most of these dated devices still have serious value.  You can get upwards of $250 for a 2-year-old phone.
  2. Put a down payment on your next phone – Let’s face it, cell phone bills are getting out of hand.  All the carriers entice you in with these unbelievable deals, just to get you through the door.  Once you’re there, they hit you with the truth about the monthly device payment.  If you’re like me, you always want the newest thing.  I have a solution for you.  Trade your current phone into SwapCell and use the proceeds as a down payment on the phone.  This can drop your bill significantly.

Technology is changing continuously.  Unfortunately, mobile devices don’t last like they used to.  Luckily, you have options, so you don’t end up stuck with an outdated phone taking forever to upload a selfie.


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