Everyone hates buying the next generation phone just to find out that none of the old accessories work.  In the past, manufacturers would release their proprietary charging cable forcing the consumer to buy all new cables.  And if you are like Rob here at Swapcell, you need a charger in easy reach at all times.  

Thankfully, those days are over.  In 2009, a bunch of manufacturers got together and agreed to use the Micro-USB….until now!

There is a new bad boy on campus now, its USB-C.  Please don’t fret because all manufacturers are switching to USB-C (except Apple).  The next phone you buy will likely have this new charging standard.  And you should be excited about it.

  1. It transfers data much faster.  That means when you’re ready for your next phone, your photos will transfer so much quicker.
  2. It’s reversible.  Gone are the days where you try to plug your phone in, doesn’t work, flip it around, still doesn’t work, then flip is back and maybe finally it goes in.
  3. It’s smaller than USB 3.0.  There was a brief moment where a couple of phones (Like the Galaxy S5) had this enormous new charger, USB 3.0.
  4. It’s the new industry standard.  You’ll find USB-C in laptops, tablets, headphones, and many more accessories.
  5. It’s future proof.  There are already new protocols that are quicker than USB-C, but these new cables have elected to be backwards compatible with USB-C.  Thunderbolt 3 is four times faster than USB.  But it uses the same plug.

I know, it is stressful having to buy new cables, but please don’t use this as an excuse for not upgrading your phone.  You could always sell your old device to us to help pay for the new cables.  After all, if you keep it, it will likely end up in a drawer and in 5 years when you rediscover it, you won’t have the cables to charge it up with.


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