We all have that one friend, let’s call him Brian (wink to Dane Cook circa 2004) who no matter what the plans are never seems to have cash on him. Whether you’re paying for parking at a concert or beers at the bar, Brian conveniently seems to always escape payment. Well sorry Brian! Venmo is here stop your conniving ways.  

Venmo, a PayPal owned app, allows users to send money back and forth seamlessly right from their mobile devices. By attaching a bank account, debit card, or credit card (3% fee applies) anyone can send or receive money to anyone in their contact list. A mini-social network, Venmo tracks payments and gives you a detailed history of all your payments and transactions.

Available on the Google Play Store and App Store, Venmo makes splitting restaurant tabs, concert tickets,  and basically anything else a breeze, and I haven’t even mentioned the best part. IT IS FREE. Any money you have in your Venmo account can be kept there for future payments or moved back into your bank account. Money going back to your bank account can be in there as soon as the next business day.

Disclaimer- No Brian’s were injured in the writing of this piece

PS. Swapcell use’s Venmo’s parent company, Paypal, to send cash for the traded in devices.

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