It’s safe to say that smartphones will, if they haven’t already for most people, replace traditional computers and laptops as we know them today.  As phones become more and more powerful, the convenience of having everything you could possibly need in the palm of your hand is undeniable, especially compared to carrying a cumbersome laptop wherever you go. But still, we aren’t at the point where larger screens or say physical keyboards aren’t still a necessity. As I sit at my desk currently for example, I could never imagine typing out this article on the screen of my Galaxy S8. This is the dilemma Samsung’s DeX station tries to solve.

Samsungs’s DeX turns any HDMI capable monitor, and traditional mouse/keyboard combo into a hot desk. By simply sliding your phone into the DeX, your phone’s screen appears on the monitor, optimized for the larger real estate you’re working with. From this screen you can navigate through the menu, customize your screen’s layout, open apps, and access all the content from your device. The entire time your phone is in the DeX your notifications will still appear on the bottom right side of the screen, so no need to worry about missing any important calls or e-mails while you’re working away. Unlike your Galaxy when it is not docked, the DeX allows for multi-windows, not just the two that you’re are used to. Like a traditional PC you can, minimize, maximize, and resize any window.

This product is great for maximizing your productivity and gives that added edge of mobility. Samsung is also currently working with Microsoft to optimize the Office Suite and with Adobe and their Lightroom program for editing your photos taken by the amazing camera on the Galaxy S8.

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