Google Recently released the Google Pixel Buds, which is Google’s response to Apple’s wireless Air Pods, and let us at Swapcell tell you, they are game changers! There aren’t many times you would say that headphones can change the way people communicate, but this is that one rare occasion.

First Impressions – This marks Google’s first venture into the wireless bluetooth headphone market, and the Buds are designed to wrap around the back of the user’s neck. This is a little more convenient than the Air Pods, which we found out ( the hard way) can be easily lost and separated. The initial set up is a breeze, as the moment you open the Pixel Bud case next to a compatible Android device, a pop up window opens and walks you through the pairing process. iPhone users will need to do a more traditional pairing using the phone settings (wouldn’t it be amazing if Google and Apple could play nice). The buds are charged using the carrying case provided, and a USB type-c charger. For wireless headphones, the battery life on the Pixel Buds is surprisingly solid.

Ease of Use – When actually using the buds, operating was pretty intuitive.  All the controls are built into the right ear bud. Start your music by simply tapping on the right earbud, another tap stops the music. Swiping forwards and backwards on the right ear bud allows you to control your volume. Google Assistant can be activated by simply holding down on the right bud. Once Google assistant is activated, you can ask it a plethora of questions or commands, such as “Send a text”, “Remind me about my appointment tomorrow”, “Give me walking directions”,  “Who won the world series in 1971?” or “Help me speak Italian”.

“Help me speak Italian” – No you didn’t read that last command wrong, and this where the Google Buds become true game changers like no headphones before. The Google Pixel Buds give you access to a real time translation app. Let that sink in for a second… Google Pixel Buds are like having a personal translator in your front pocket. By using Google’s Translate app (phenomenal in its own right) on the phone and the Pixel Buds, two people can have a conversation in real time, in two different languages.

How it works is simple. Say a person who only speak Italian, Paolo, wanted to speak with someone who only spoke English, Paul. Paolo would speak Italian into his Pixel Buds, and Paul would get the English translation spoken to him by the device in his hand. When Paul responds in English on the phone, Paolo’s Buds will automatically translate the message and he will hear Paul’s message in Italian through his headphones.

This app uses machine learning to make future conversations better, and Google is rapidly adding more and more languages that this is compatible with. These are a definite must for any world traveler or students going abroad.  


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