Branching out from Google+, the Google social network, in 2015, Google Photos and been one of the most useful but under appreciated apps on the market. Today, as we all know, phone storage is at a premium. With apps, operating softwares  and photos files growing at exponential rate the same 64gb device simply cannot store the same raw number of items as a 64gb device from say just two years. This can leave users in a tough predicament, “do I delete some of my cherished photos to download a new app that I need?”, “Should I delete music off my phone to download the latest software?”. Well here is Google Photos to save the day. The Photos app provides any user free unlimited high quality storage for all their photos and videos. Yes you read that correctly FREE UNLIMITED STORAGE for your photos and videos. Not only is it free and unlimited, Google Photos allows you to access all of your stored photos from any  PC, iOS, or Android device.   Set up is super simple.

  1. For any Android or iOS device, simply download the Google Photos app from your app store.
  2. Log in using your Google/Gmail account
  3. Set your backup preferences (recommended that you backup only on wi-fi)

At this point, when your phone is on Wi-fi (or cellular data if you selected) your photos will be backed up to Google servers. Once the sync is done and your photos are on Google servers (Backup complete check mark on top right of the app), you can safely remove any photo or video from your phone, to free up local4 storage on your phone. Now to access your photos from any mobile device, open the Google Photos app, log in to your Google account, and all your stored photos and videos will appear. To access your photos from any PC, go to, log into your Google account, and all your stored photos and videos will appear. From the PC you will be able to organize, locally store, and even print your photos.

PS. I highly recommend installing Google Photos on your old device.  Run a quick back up, so all your previous phone’s photos are safe.  That way, when you sell it to us, you can rest easy knowing that all your photos are safe on Google.

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