For better or worse, our lives are ingrained into our iPhones – they’ve become the new Amex, we can never leave home without them.  From credit cards, contacts, daily calendar, and a life’s worth of photos, not having your iPhone on you could feel like you’re missing an appendage from your body. But the risk of carrying all this information around with you is that it could possibly end up in the wrong hands.

Apple’s Face ID on the new iPhone X stops unwanted intruders in their tracks. Face ID provides state-of-the-art security on your device using Apple’s TrueDepth camera system to map the geometry of your face. Face ID Uses over 30,000 points to create a depth map of your face as well as an infrared image of your face to create a mathematical representation of what you look like.   With a quick glance at your phone, the Face ID then compares your face with the mathematical representation of your face to unlock your iPhone X. Face ID also automatically adjusts for changes in how you look – so if you put on a little too much make up or decide to partake in no shave November, your phone will still recognize you.

Face ID allows you not only to log into your device but authorize purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and payments with Apple Pay. And according to Apple the chances of a random person on the street finding and unlocking your device using Face ID is 1 in 1,000,000 compared to 1 in 50,000 when using traditional Touch ID. It has been tested and designed to protect against someone using a mask of your face, and even recognizes when your eyes are open and looking at the phone. This means no jealous girlfriends unlocking your phone using your pretty mug while sleep. As an additional protection, Face ID requires a manual password after 5 unsuccessful attempts.

To start using FaceID, you first must register your face, which you will be prompted during the initial setup or through the settings under “Face ID & Passcode”.  Face ID works best from a  distance no further away than arm’s length, so think selfie.

Face ID is SwapCell Approved.

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