Lets face it, kids loves smartphones. When given the option of a brand new Xbox or a brand new iPhone or Android, most kids today would, without a doubt, pick the new phone. But as we also know, you can waste a lot of time on scary parts of the internet or aimlessly scrolling through social media. But here at Swapcell, we believe that there are apps out there that are so fun to use, you forget you’re learning something!



Minecraft– The one video game you’ll want your kids playing. The open world no rules games gives you the opportunity to build the world you’ve always wanted. Every Time you start a new game a new world is created for you by Minecraft, and essentially you are given a box of legos for you to build what you want. If you don’t feel like building, just keep walking and explore the mountains, lakes, and landscapes Minecraft generated for you. It also teaches kids real world skills by giving them a finite amount of resources that your child will have to determine how best to spend them.  


Duolingo– This 2nd language learning program has been on the app store since 2014 and was an instant hit from the moment it was released. Play mini-games or take a quick lesson while you’re on the bus to school, as you learn how to read, write, speak and understand a second language!  As you complete tasks and challenges, you can progress to harder and harder lessons, and the creators of the app state that just under 35 hours spent on this app translates to about a semester’s worth of class time.  


Khan Academy–  A popular online resource for learning, with access to over 10,000 videos regarding subjects ranging from math and science to economics and US history. Learn anything completely free with this app, as it allows you to pick what you want to learn by subject or by grade range. It’s like having a personal tutor in your pocket. There is even a test prep section including practice for the SAT, MCAT, and GMAT to name a few.


Trivia Crack– Challenge friends and family to a duel of knowledge. Answer questions from 6 different topics- History, Geography, Science, Art, Pop Culture, and Sports- to gain points and collect the character for each topic and the first to complete all six categories wins the battle. This addictive trivia game is a great way to sharpen your brain with the plethora of facts this app hits you with. Not to mention this a great way to finally determine the smartest member of the family.


PBS Kids–  PBS offers kids an opportunity to explore and learn with all their favorite PBS characters. Learn your ABC, do math problems, or explore space in this fantastic app from PBS. The games are constantly being updated and change, to keep the app fresh for your child and prevent them from getting bored.  This app is also completely free and can even be played offline (no wifi or data connection needed).



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