In 2017, people consumed media at historic rates off their smartphones. With almost all cable providers and streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu having iOS and Android apps, watching your favorite TV shows and movies on the go has never been easier.

While catching up on the latest season of GoT off your smartphone is great when you are out and about, sometimes you just want to watch it on the bigscreen. In the past if you wanted to get whatever you were watching on your phone onto your television, you needed a lot of luck and some unreliable third party cables, that may or may not have ever worked and limited the phone’s functionality.

Well Google has stepped in with their Chromecast device that turns your iPhone, iPad, or Android into your homes entertainment system. By simply plugging the Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port and connecting it to the same wi-fi network as your device, you can instantly start streaming from your phone to your TV. Once you’ve started streaming onto your TV, you are then free to navigate through your phone as you normally would, without interrupting your programming. So for example if you wanted to watch your favorite Netflix show (Stranger Things…Duh), you can cast the show to your TV and once the stream started, hit the home button and you are free to make calls, text, or scroll through social media all while you watch the kids take down the demogorgon.

Chromecast also allows you to do screen mirroring, which means whatever you are doing or seeing on your device, will appear directly on your TV. Imagine being able to show family and friends photos of your recent vacation on your big screen TV, instead of the entire crew huddling around a 5 inch screen iPhone.

Chromecast also has an audio version as well, that plugs into any speaker or sound system using an aux cable. Once the Chromecast Audio is connected to the same wifi as your device, you can start streaming music to that sound system with the touch of a button.

At only $35 you can go wrong with this addition to your home’s entertainment system!


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