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Face ID on the iPhone X

For better or worse, our lives are ingrained into our iPhones - they’ve become the new Amex, we can never leave home without them.  From credit cards, contacts, daily calendar, and a life’s worth of photos, not having your iPhone on you could feel like you’re missing...

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Buying Bitcoin Right From Your Smart Phone

Buying Bitcoin Right From Your Smart Phone Bitcoin. You may of heard of it, the cryptocurrency sweeping the internet, going up a crazy 800% in the 2017 alone to prices right next to $8,000 per coin at the time of writing this article. While I highly suggest you do...

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Swapcell’s Top Mobile Games of 2017

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of avoiding black squares on your Nokia’s version of Snake and working your thumb across Blackberry’s trackball to break all the bricks. Nothing since the Nintendo NES, has attracted so many people of all ages and...

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How Venmo Can Save Your Friendships

We all have that one friend, let’s call him Brian (wink to Dane Cook circa 2004) who no matter what the plans are never seems to have cash on him. Whether you're paying for parking at a concert or beers at the bar, Brian conveniently seems to always escape payment....

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