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Top 6 Tech Stocking Stuffers

The Holidays are upon us, and Swapcell is here to help you navigate through this shopping season with some of the best tech stocking stuffers that all phone users will love! Phone port to USB Thumb drives -We carry everything on our phones now a days, and getting...

Top 6 Ways to Avoid Those Pesky Data Overages

Has anything else in the past 3 year caused more family feuds than the monthly data overages? Anyone on a family data plans knows the feeling- it’s nearing the end of the month, all of a sudden a texts comes through on your phone, is it a friend, work, family? Nope,...

Don’t Stress About New Chargers

Everyone hates buying the next generation phone just to find out that none of the old accessories work.  In the past, manufacturers would release their proprietary charging cable forcing the consumer to buy all new cables.  And if you are like Rob here at Swapcell,...